Careers Education at Alvechurch

Careers education at Alvechurch is delivered through a series of topic-based lesson and enrichment projects/opportunities. In Year 5 & 6 careers is embedded within the Jigsaw Curriculum as part of the children’s PSHE lessons. In Year 7 & 8 the careers program is included within Personal Development lessons.

Enrichment at Alvechurch is something we value highly; we offer a range of trips to workplaces and invite different providers into the school to offer their insight into the world of work.

Opportunities for access to our curriculum and careers programme include opportunities for providers to come into school to speak to our pupils and/or their parents/carers. These can be arranged during timetabled Careers lessons or at other suitable times. Please speak to our designated staff member to identify the most suitable opportunity for your organisation. – Scott Evans

For further information on careers, there’s a fantastic free magazine to discuss at home with the following link: – Choices careers and advice magazines and booklets | Worcestershire County Council

Careers Strategy Alvechurch Middle School

Alvechurch Alumni Project

Started in 2023, the project allows Alvechurch Alumni into the school via Provider Access (Scott Evans). This means that we can have ex-pupils into the building to deliver workshops and assemblies that help to further enrich the Careers program at the school. If you are an ex-pupil and would like to discuss the prospect of delivering a session where you share your careers journey this can be achieved through contacting our Careers Lead, Scott Evans

Alvechurch Alumni

  • Poppy O’Toole (Poppy Cooks)

We had the opportunity in April to have ex pupil TikTok star Chef Poppy O’Toole into the school, who delivered a fantastic assembly followed by visiting the classrooms to talk about her amazing Careers journey and resilience. Her online resilience and career is an inspiring story of finding your passion.

  • Kathryn Priddy

Kathryn is an ex-pupil who is an amazing folk musician who recently released her debut album and has appeared at multiple music festivals/concerts around the UK (including Glastonbury) and other parts of the world. She was able to send us a video about her amazing career so far and how to get into the music industry.

More coming soon…


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