“And the child grew and became strong; He was full of wisdom and God’s blessings were upon Him” 

Luke 2:40

  • We provide a safe environment in which the child is valued as an individual made in the image of god, and where a child can find security, acceptance, reassurance and an opportunity to develop their potential
  •  We create a caring and happy community in which Christian values are upheld
  •  We provide an education that will contribute to the child’s intellectual, social, moral, physical and spiritual development
  •  We use the school’s resources efficiently in order to ensure a rich learning environment in which pupils achieve the highest possible standards within the National and broader curriculum
  •  We help the children understand the world in which they live and to care for others and to respect people regardless of gender, race, creed or disability
  •  We encourage children to behave well towards everyone in the school and wider community and recognise their efforts, hard work and good behaviour
  • We establish positive home, school and church links and a partnership with parents