Our main hub for sharing information is our website.  Our goal is to ensure  all the information you need is at a touch of a button, however we do welcome opportunities for meet face to face or of course to converse by phone.

Letters Home

The process we have for sharing letters home is that of the following;

  • We will add a copy of any letters for the whole school or year group to our Letters Home area of our website;
  • We will send to both contacts 1 and 2 a text messages alerting them to the new letter,
  • Letters for smaller groups will be emailed directly to parents with a text message advising a letter has been emailed directly to them.

School Calendar

You will find all the information for after school clubs, trips and sporting fixtures on our website under weekly diary.  There is also a listing to the right hand side of the home page detailing events for that day.  The diary is live and should there be any alterations to any events, details will be updated to the diary.  Should you need any assistance with our diary,  please do not hesitate to contact our school reception on 0121 445 1033.

Latest News Items

Any news items are added to the Latest News area of our website

Paper copies for all correspondence and information can be collected from our school reception.

We continuously strive to maintain effective communications with parents and welcome any feedback informing us of areas that work well for you as well as highlighting areas that you feel may need improvement. Please do feel free to contact our school office manager should you want to share any feedback.


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