Children have varying educational needs; either learning difficulties, physical disabilities, social, emotional or behavioural problems.  We identify these needs through a combination of liaison with the feeder First Schools, relevant professional agencies and our own system of assessment.  Our specialist teacher then decides on the most appropriate strategy for supporting these children.

Children with special needs are catered for, wherever possible, within the normal teaching situation.  Depending upon the need, various strategies will be used, such as support teaching within class, withdrawal from class for a period of time for small group teaching, individual help or supplementary specialist tuition as part of the Authority’s support service.

Whatever the individual’s needs, every effort is made to ensure that the learning need or disability does not prevent any child from access to the full range of curriculum activities including the National Curriculum and that their work in the school is tailored to the child’s particular needs and level of ability.


Our school has a SEND policy, which is available for inspection.  Alvechurch Middle School values the contribution that every pupil makes to our school community and welcomes diversity of culture, religion and ability.

We are committed to improving existing skills and expertise amongst our teaching and non-teaching staff to meet individual educational needs in order to raise our pupils’ achievement.

Alvechurch Middle School, as a P.F.I. school, has responded to the SEND Disability Act 2001. There is now increased accessibility to the school premises for disabled children and adults.

Our SEND team is led by Miss D Shipley who is available on 0121 445 1033 or by emailing


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