At Alvechurch C of E Middle School it is our intent that ALL pupils will have FULL access to a broad and balanced curriculum which is designed to ensure they can access their learning at all times, with support if appropriate.

Curriculum areas and school policies are designed to ensure that:

  • Learning is sequential and provides the building blocks to give pupils the knowledge for their next steps in learning and beyond
  • Misconceptions are identified early and addressed effectively
  • Links to other subject areas are identified and utilised to enable pupils to recognise knowledge and skills that can be transferred
  • Enrichment is provided to engage pupils and make real world links where it will have an impact
  • The curriculum never stands still.  Leaders are continuously reviewing, monitoring and updating their curriculum provision to stay at the forefront of developments and to ensure the provision they offer is as effective as possible
  • Implementation is structured to enable maximum impact

Our curriculum maps for each year group are available to download below. The curriculum is planned across years 5-8 to ensure pupils have the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge progressively, giving them the building blocks to be successful in their next stage of learning. More detailed coverage is available on each subject’s page.