The school’s curriculum is in line with the National Curriculum.  At the age of nine, in Year 5, the pupils follow a timetable that is similar to the one they have followed in their First School, in that they usually have their own class teacher for much of the week.  However, they will have the added advantage of having specialist teachers working alongside their teachers in certain subjects.  They will also have access to the specialist facilities.

As the children progress up the school the timetable becomes more specialised and they will see a wider range of teachers until, by Year 7, at the age of eleven, they will have specialist teaching in most subjects.  Some subjects are taught in mixed ability groups whilst others are set.  Children with particular learning difficulties or with particular talents are supported in normal lessons by specialist staff and sometimes withdrawn for lessons in small groups.

Every care is taken to ensure that all children are well prepared for the transfer to the High Schools and that they receive the education that is best suited to their varying levels of ability.

The curriculum aims to be broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated according to a child’s individual ability.  The Middle School is able to offer the unique triple combination of specialist accommodation, teachers who have sustained contact with the children throughout their Middle School years and a staffing ratio which provides the support of specialist expertise to ensure the development of a cross-curricular approach to learning.

The school will also pay attention to the themes, dimensions and skills associated with cross-curricular work.  These include citizenship, economic and industrial understanding, environmental education and multi-cultural issues.  Considerable emphasis will be given to Personal, Social and Health Education.

In certain areas, of course, important aspects need to be treated separately and there will always be elements within each subject, which can only be satisfactorily taught as separate disciplines.

At Alvechurch C. of E. Middle School we firmly believe in giving a firm grounding in basic skills with high priority given to numeracy and literacy.