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Welcome to our admissions page. 

Here, prospective parent/carers can find useful information about our school to include; pupil admissions policy, Ofsted reports, school uniform guide and much more.  We recommend you navigate through our website where you will find an abundance of information relating to our school.

Please note, when considering our school for your child we do annually receive more applications than there are places available.  Our published admission number for each year group is 110.  For Y5 applications, please check whether we are your child’s catchment school by using the Worcestershire school search tool as attending a feeder school does not mean you are in catchment.  If you are not in catchment, we strongly advise you have alternative schools in mind, this will not impact on your application to our school as all applications are ranked in order of our published admissions criteria found on our admissions policy. You can also view the Catchment Map however, we strongly advise you use the find a school link for accurate information.  

We are annually an oversubscribed school with admission criteria summarised as follows;

1 ~ *’Looked after’ and previously *’Looked after’ children.
2 ~ Siblings within catchment (sibling link at time of applicants start date)
3 ~ Catchment (please visit: Find a school | Worcestershire County Council 
4 ~ Siblings of those outside of catchment (sibling link at time of applicants start date)
5 ~ Feeder School (Crown Meadow, St Andrews, Blackwell First School and Beoley First School)
6 ~ Staff link (Those employed by Alvechurch CofE Middle School)
7 ~ Distance (shortest direct line)

All applications must be made via Worcestershire County Council who are responsible for the main September intake of admissions to Alvechurch CofE Middle School. Applications and information on the application timeline lines and processes is available on their website School Admissions | Worcestershire County Council  

We are a busy school with many trips, events and of course lessons we therefore, have set times and dates for visits to our school.  We can also only accommodate parent/carers of current Year 4 pupils who live within our catchment area.  Tours are on set days and times during the Autumn term.  Tours for 2024 intake are now complete with the next opportunities for parents/pupils to visit being during the Summer term.   These visits will be in line with our transition process as outlined below.

For those preparing to apply for 2025 intake, please be advised next years tours will be on 12th November for those with children in Crown Meadow and 19th November for all other schools.  2024.  We also welcome those looking at a Year 7 place who are not in catchment on those tours.  All parent/carers are asked to book the November 2024 tours by completing the following form.  You can do this between 1st June 2024 – 5th November 2024.  Booking form for Parent Tour

Please find below links to various points of information that we feel you will find useful. 

Whole school virtual tour created by our very own pupils ~ Alvechurch CofE Middle School Tour

Alvechurch CofE Middle School Admission Policy 2023-2024

Alvechurch CofE Middle School Admissions Policy-2024-2025

Alvechurch CofE Middle School ~ OfSted Report

RELISH ~ Middle School Menu March ~ July

Link to Musical Instrument Lesson providers ~ Music Academy Midlands

School Transport ~ School and college travel assistance | Worcestershire County Council

School Appeals Process*  ~ Worcestershire Appeals 

* please note; appeals for our school must be sent directly to us to: *

If you require any additional information about our school that cannot be found on our school website, please do not hesitate to email our friendly support team who are only too happy to assist. Their email address is:

Transition Process for our new pupils

Year 5 (Sept): For those who have received and accepted a place into our new Year 5 intake group, we are pleased to share the following plans to help you understand how we will prepare for your arrival in September.

During the Summer term, our year 5 teachers will be visiting our main feeder schools to meet your current Year 4 teachers.  This is so that they can gain insight into your school life and to receive information on your friendships and interests.  The year 5 teachers organise the classes and are guided strongly by your first school teachers who know you “best”. For those not in feeder schools,  our team will be in contact with your teachers to obtain the same information for you. All this information is gathered so that our teachers can be ready to welcome you in September.

We begin various transition events for our main feeder schools and plan additional transition visits for those not joining from feeder schools or joining us without any friends. For pupils who require additional learning support, our SENCO Miss Shipley will co-ordinate visits and will be in touch.

The final transition and the most important will be held in September for Year 5 only.  On this day all our new pupils will spend the whole day exploring their new school without the worries of having to be in lessons at fixed times.  You will use the canteen during break and lunchtime and dine in our lunch hall.  You will have the whole school yourselves as our Year 6, 7 and 8 pupil will not return until the following day.  This day is very exciting and we look forward to welcoming you all in your new school uniform at our school gates between 8.30am-8.45am.

For Y5 parents, we will be inviting you to visit us on Monday 15th July 2024.  During your visit you will be given the opportunity to meet our Year 5 class teachers, our senior leadership team and also be given an opportunity to visit the Year 5 class rooms.  An invitation for this event will be emailed to you with your child’s welcome pack in May.  The invitation will give you the option to attend one of two planed sessions. Please note, new pupils do not attend these meetings, they will be enjoying their in depth visit when they join us on their transition day in September.  

Year 7 (Sept): Parents and pupils will be invited for a tour in June where they will meet their head of year who will, be able to assist with sharing further information on how we support those new pupils to transition into their new cohort.  On 15th July, electronic communication will be sent to parents advising the class their child is allocated in September.  In September, pupils will join us for a 2 hour visit on the first day school is open, this is to allow them to get to know the school whilst it is closed to our Year 6, 7 and 8 who join the following day.  They will then join the rest of the school full time on the first day of school. 

All pupils: When your child joins us in September, we will use the first term to settle them into their new routine, we will then offer a parent evening to discuss how your child has settled towards the end of Autumn 1 term. It is an opportunity for teacher and parents to share how things are and to raise any concerns and of course share positives. Please be assured, should there be an issue before the meeting, you can email your child’s class teacher directly.  Once you know who they are, you can find their contact details on our website under our school team, Alvechurch CofE Middle School Team – Alvechurch Middle School. Following the settling in meeting, a subject meeting will be planned early Spring term.

For now, please follow the link to our virtual tour of our school, prepared by our pupils (click the image below).

Please also follow link to our uniform policy; Our School Uniform – Alvechurch Middle School and for those who may require school transport, please visit: School and college travel | Worcestershire County Council 


Should your child have any questions on their upcoming move to Year 5, please follow the link below.

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