Please find below a full list of our school uniform.

You are able to buy all items of school uniform from Clive Mark in Redditch, the Locker Room in Barnt Green and School Days in Bromsgrove.  Their helpful teams can assist you with all items including our sportswear.

There is also the option of ordering school t-shirts, crew neck sweater and bags via Tesco Online School uniform.  Please click this link for futher details. by purchasing items from Tesco you will also be donating 5% of your spend to our school funds.  2015 brings a new look to our existing logo, all uniform with the older version of the logo is still in use in school, and will phase out over the next couple of years.

School trousers dark grey/black (not combat style)
School sweatshirt
Pale blue polo shirt with school badge
Plain grey or navy socksPlain black shoes NOT BOOTS OR TRAINERS
Navy blue knee length skirt
Navy or black tailored trousers
School sweatshirt
Pale blue polo shirt with school badge
Plain navy or white socks or tights
Flat, black shoes(plain style) NOT BOOTS, TRAINERS OR STRAPPY SANDALS
Craft overall ( Dad`s old shirt is ideal )
From Year 6 onwards, all pupils will need a cotton or nylon bib-type apron to be kept exclusively for food use
Navy PE shorts
Long sleeve reversible top in house colours
Navy polo shirt with house colours
Football boots
Navy football socks
Dark Tracksuit (optional)
Navy SKORT /navy shorts with house colours
Long sleeve reversible top with house colours
Navy football socks
Dark Tracksuit(optional)
Football boots (optional-these can be used in tag rugby and cross country)
An optional navy hoody with house colours is also available for both boys and girlsPE kit bag – large enough to hold equipment. (We recommend that this is lined with a waterproof material and that a spare polythene bag is always available for muddy boots!)

 Appearance – we ask that pupils;

Not wear any jewellery other than ONE pair of ear studs

No make-up, nail varnish or nail extensions

Shoulder length hair to be tied up and no hair dye

 Equipment needed for school

Berol handwriting pen (not biro), Pencil, Ruler (30cm), Eraser, Pencil sharpener, (No “Tippex” of any sort)

 Also desirable

Pencil crayons, Felt pens, Calculator, Compasses, Dictionary, Art Apron, Earphones for computer room

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