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“And the child grew strong; he was full of wisdom and God’s blessings were upon him” Luke 2 :40

08 Mar

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I think it was really good and it made me feel so safe because I know there are other people that will listen to me. NSPCC is in partnership with Childline. Your worries are better out than in so contact Childline and NSPCC today. You can call NSPCC on 08001111 and you can search Childline at you for reading my blog!  Bye!!  Phoebe

The NSPCC assembly was good because it helped all of us to understand what to do if we ever get abused either physically or with words. The person who talked to us said it in a clear way and a helpful one. The teachers did well to organise the whole thing.  Childline can help a lot of people who are having problems eg bullying.  Tom

I think it was really good about telling us about the NSPCC. It told me I had the right to speak out and stay safe. I’m glad they told me about Childline (08001111) just in case we needed it. I feel a lot safer than before. When they told me who I could talk to ( if I was in the situation) I felt I could let it all out if I was in child abuse. I think nobody should have a bag of worries. It’s not worth it. It’s better OUT than IN.  Lois