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“And the child grew strong; he was full of wisdom and God’s blessings were upon him” Luke 2 :40

08 Mar

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‘Sup Guys !!! Welcome back to the Alvechurch blog. On 6th March a play company called Round-Midnight came in and did a show on knife crime. It was all about how somebody had brought a knife into their school to protect a friend. It highlighted the dangers in involved in this. It was really educational and had some funny parts to it but still gave an important message. Overall it was a really good play and worth watching.  Charlie

On 6th March a performance group came in called Round Midnight. They were here to inform us about knife crimes, whilst having a bit of fun! Their play was about people just a bit older than me who got involved in some serious crimes and brought a knife into their school. This really struck me that the people involved in these crimes were near our age. The play was extremely effective and really taught me about stuff I had not known before.

Overall I really enjoyed the play and it really made me think about it in a different way.  Max.