Alvechurch C of E Middle School

“And the child grew strong; he was full of wisdom and God’s blessings were upon him” Luke 2 :40


The history department offers an exciting range of topics and skills, designed to make pupils think and question. They become history detectives, sifting through evidence, working out which sources are most useful, exploring when things happened, why, who says so, and analysing connections between time periods.

Year Group Autumn Spring Summer
5 Learning Journey

‘Survivor’ – Ernest Shackleton, Titanic

Learning Journey – Celts and Romans,



Learning Journey – Water – sanitation and disease, Alvechurch local study canals
6 West African Kingdom of Benin Victorian Inventions and Turning Points Ancient Egyptians
7 Learning Journey – ‘Make a Meal of it’ Medieval village life, Agrarian Revolution Learning Journey -Invention of radio and its impact. Significant radio broadcasts Learning Journey –

‘Dangerous World’

Norman Conquest, Black Death, Pompeii, Suffragettes

8 The Reformation

Elizabeth I

Gunpowder Plot

Civil War, Execution of Charles I British Empire and Slavery

We aim to make connections throughout the topics we study in order to reveal how relevant history is to us today and how it links with other subjects in the curriculum. Local history also plays an important part and Alvechurch is a rich source of evidence from different eras.

Our history curriculum is enhanced by visits from specialist groups, and to historical sites, like Worcester Cathedral, the Black Country Museum and the Worcester Commandery. We run a successful trip to Normandy bi-annually, which focuses on the Bayeux tapestry and the momentous D-Day Landings of WWII.

History learning at AMS takes a variety of forms, including pair and group work, role play, filming, game-playing, extended research projects  and mini-teaching.

The emphasis is on active learning and critical thinking. We aim to equip our pupils with the skills to make sense of history, relate it to their own lives and maintain a lifelong sense of curiosity.

Click the link to view the Year 5 History Milestones and see the programme of study and expectations for each pupil by the end of the year.

Click the link to view the Year 6 History Milestones and see the programme of study and expectations for each pupil by the end of the year.

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