Alvechurch C of E Middle School

“And the child grew strong; he was full of wisdom and God’s blessings were upon him” Luke 2 :40

Our English curriculum aims to enable all children to make the most possible progress in spoken language, reading and writing.

Literacy and language is central to the learning progress and all teachers contribute to the development of our pupils’ confident use of  literacy skills in every area of our curriculum.

With spoken language, we provide a range of opportunities to develop self expression and co-operation – including assemblies, dramatic performances, debates and presentations.

We promote reading as a pleasurable, highly valued activity.  We extend our childrens’ reading skills through daily guided and shared reading sessions.  We also encourage them to make full use of the county library, including being librarians and joining the ‘Young Authors’ Club’.  We also encourage a partnership with home and value parental support with a whole school initiative which involves book marks, stickers and badges.

When developing writing skills, we consider very carefully the purpose and audience of a task.  This includes close study of a variety of texts, including the experience of shared writing, modelled by and with the teacher.  This precedes class, group and individual activities designed to promote confidence and self-esteem.

Pupils have ‘Assessment for Learning’ (AfL) opportunities throughout all units of work.  The aim of this is to give the pupils more ownership of their literacy skills and develop skills as independent learners.  Assessment tasks are marked according to clear objectives; then individual targets are set and shared with children, allowing them to see what is required to make even more progress.

We aim to provide a stimulating and pleasurable environment for each individual to achieve his/her potential and give them the confidence needed to progress successfully onto high school.

Click the links to view the programme of study and expectations for each pupil by the end of the year:

Year 5 Spoken Language Milestones

Year 5 Reading Milestones

Year 5 Writing Milestones

Year 6 Spoken Language Milestones

Year 6 Reading Milestones

Year 6 Writing Milestones

In years 5 and 6 pupils will cover the following topics to enable assessment against those milestones:


Autumn Term Spring Term
Year 5 ‘Welcome to AMS’. Diary writing following on from work completed in Year 4.

‘Mr. Kipling’. Classic Fiction based on ‘The Jungle Book’ and ‘Just So Stories’.

‘Let’s Get Slamming’. Poetry including the Year 5 slam poetry competition.

‘Journey to Jo’burg’. Fiction unit.

‘My Fantastic Invention’. Explanations.

Year 6 Historical Fiction – based on literature set in WWI.

Biography – writing a biography about a family member and presenting it as a Christmas gift.

Recounts – based on current events. This year it is the terrible storms that have hit Britain.

‘Reading is Fun’ – based on a wide range of texts including fiction and nonfiction.

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