Food Technology, Textiles Technology, Resistant Materials and graphics 

The Design and Technology department has three specialist rooms that allow the school to deliver the different disciplines of this subject.

Food Technology Room:

This room has a design working area and a separate cooking section with ample accommodation of gas/oven cookers, fridges, sinks and storage space.  The kitchen area has a built in extraction system and modern safety features.

Design Room:

This room is available for pupils to engage in 2D design and 3D modelling work, textiles, ICT related activities and can also be used as the second art room.  It has an interactive whiteboard, bank of computers, sewing machines and a sink area.

Resistant Materials Room:

This room is designed for pupils to participate in both 2D design and practical 3D work.  It is fitted with a range of modern electrical machines – 2 hegner saws, 2 power drills, strip heater and a vacuum forming centre.  The room is equipped with workshop tables, dust extraction units and an interactive whiteboard.

All pupils engage in a wide range of projects that encourage them to think creatively to find solutions to design briefs/problems.  Each year pupils carry out activities that ensure progression in thinking skills, designing and making, taking account of current issues.  To achieve this, children will research and use traditional and modern methods/technologies.


Click the link to view the Year 5 DT milestones and see the programme of study and expectations for each pupil by the end of the year.

Click the link to view the Year 6 DT milestones and see the programme of study and expectations for each pupil by the end of the year.

In years 5 and 6 pupils will cover the following curriculum areas to be assessed against those milestones:


Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Year 5 Pencil Holder bench marking unit- mark and measure assessment.

Christmas Biscuit -food technology unit.

Juggling bags- textiles unit. Toys -resistant materials unit.
Year 6 Key rings – resistant materials unit. Lunch box and healthy eating- food technology unit Sample textiles – textile unit.