Information Communication Technology is playing an increasingly important part in our lives and we have a responsibility to provide our pupils with the skills, knowledge and perseverance needed to take advantage of the opportunities offered by ICT now and in the future.  We have the advantage of 2 ICT suites where PC’s have flat screen LCD monitors, mini-suites in the Year areas and DT rooms, plus at least 1 PC in every classroom linked to the school intranet.  This enables all pupils to have their own space on the main server which they can access from anywhere in the school.  It also provides e-mail facilities and safe and supervised access to the Internet.  We have a suite of stand alone PC’s in the music room to be used with music software and 30 tablets to be used around the school.

The school website can be found at

Interactive whiteboards have been installed in all classrooms and specialist areas.  We have several digital cameras, as well as video recorders, scanners, printers and electronic voting pads (which the children really enjoy using.)  During Arts’ Week, pupils have the opportunity to use Apple macs.

All pupils throughout the school study ICT both as a discrete subject and in conjunction with other subjects.  They develop increasing confidence in the use of ICT through a range of learning experiences carefully suited to their age and abilities.  Pupils are also developing their understanding of the uses of ICT and the possibilities and effects of such use.  They are able to experience and develop a wide range of skills such as word processing, data handling, measuring and recording, desk top publishing, information retrieval, graphics, web design, control technology and presentation skills. This year pupils will also be looking at the history of computers and how they work.

Pupils are able to use the network at lunchtimes to continue subject work or carry out individual research for homework tasks.  We aim to enrich investigative learning and promote individual and group work by building on skills acquired in the first schools.  We also aim to establish a firm skills and knowledge base to enable our pupils to take advantage of the opportunities offered at high school and beyond.