Mathematics is studied in its own right because of its relevance to everyday life.  It is the study of patterns and problems and has its own specific vocabulary, knowledge, and skills. Mathematics is increasingly being used as an integrated tool in the study of other subjects.

Mathematics will be met by pupils across the curriculum in a variety of ways – through investigations, problem solving and using computers.  Pupils will study mathematics as part of a whole class, in small groups or individually.

The Mathematics Scheme has been constructed to enable children to learn at their own pace within the National Curriculum.

Our aims are as follows:-

  1. To ensure that children are equipped with mathematical skills at least adequate to meet the demands of everyday life in the modern world
  2. To ensure that skills can be confidently and usefully employed
  3. To develop the ability to use mathematical language effectively for practical communication
  4. To implement the Programme of Study as defined in the statutory National Curriculum for Mathematics as effectively as possible.

Year 7 Maths Milestones Skills

Year 7 Maths Milestones Knowledge

Year 8 Maths Milestones Skills

Year 8 Maths Milestones Knowledge


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