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We aim to provide an interesting and balanced Geography Curriculum, during which children will be introduced to new skills and concepts, and learn about their world and their impact on environments.

The Geography taught at Alvechurch C of E Middle School aims to enable ALL children to have a balanced geographical education.  The work will give them an increased knowledge of the processes of geographical enquiry; the opportunity to achieve a depth of understanding about relationships between people and places; to develop necessary skills and interest in both their own surroundings and in the variety of physical and human conditions in the wider world.  Through the curriculum, children will develop an appreciation of the environment and sustainability.

At a time when transport and communication systems bring the world ever closer, the study of geography is vital if pupils are to understand the relationship between people and the world in which we live.

Geography seeks to emphasise the relationships between the physical, environmental, economic and social aspects of the subject.  In line with the National Curriculum, pupils are given opportunities to develop a range of skills including map work.

Over 4 years, pupils are encouraged to use geographical skills to develop an increasing knowledge and understanding of places and link-ins with physical, human, environmental and sustainability issues.

Click the link to view the Year 5 Geography Milestones and see the programme of study and expectations for each pupil by the end of the year.

Click the link to view the Year 6 Geography Milestones and see the programme of study and expectations for each pupil by the end of the year.

In year 5 pupils follow the learning journey curriculum to enable assessment against those milestones.  In year 6 pupils will cover:


Autumn Term Spring Term
Year 6 Fiesta Brazilia!

An introduction to this amazing country, it’s landscape and the people who live there.

Climb Every Mountain

A look at the major mountains of the World.


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